"Bushy yet beautifully tamed brows" that add a "masculine edge" to thin-pin brows are in," Vogue observes. The world's most influential fashion magazine cannot be wrong.  The key is for your guybrows to look bushy but not messy.

Eyebrow enhancement is fast becoming a trend among men as they are now more attuned to grooming. Thanks to celebrities like David Beckham and Ryan Seacrest. Men no longer think eyebrow grooming is a woman's thing.

What is eyebrow enhancement?
Eyebrow enhancement is a procedure that improves the shape, thickness, arch or balance of your eyebrows. Applying a feathering technique, it uses fruity, coloured pigment that matches your actual eyebrow colour to produce a natural look. Instead of the olden days "block" brow procedure, eyebrow enhancement uses a pen-like device to draw tiny, hair-like strokes in the brows. They look so natural that nobody will know that you just had a brow makeover. 

Who is eyebrow enhancement for?
Eyebrows have a strong impact on our overall appearance, and some say affect our feng shui. Generally, people seek eyebrow enhancement for the following reasons:

• They have thinning eyebrows, bald spots in their brows or have over-plucked them.
• They are not happy with the shape or colour of their eyebrows as they do not match the rest of their facial features.
• They have drooping eyebrows because of ageing.

Is eyebrow enhancement safe?
Like all cosmetic procedures, only visit an eyebrow specialist who is certified and reputable. If someone claims to be an expert but is charging you much lesser than most professionals, think twice.
Unlike eyebrow tattooing which is an extremely painful procedure, eyebrow enhancement is not only less painful but also offers unique benefits. It looks natural and are semi-permanent, lasting up to two years. Eyebrow tattoos, however, look fake and are permanent; to remove them is both an expensive and painful procedure.


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