RF Face-lifting & Skin Tightenting, Body and Scalp Treatment
Principles of High Frequency

Non-Invasive & Non-Surgical Lipoplasty with Ultra Cavitation

The Spirit of Skin Rejuvenation for Skin Tightening & Body Contouring
• Multipolar RF technology is aimed selectively at the fat tissue avoiding heating other tissues the epidermis

Multipolar RF technology is a revolutionary system using a sophisticated algorithms to control the dual treatment applicator varying the frequency and polarity to achieve variable energy focus in different fat layers resulting in visible clinical results from the first treatment

• Multipolar RF technology focuses the RF energy in the target area
• Using much lower energy than other RF technologies
• No pain during the treatment
• Maximum effect


When the 0.3Mhz and 0.8Mhz high frequencys is loaded into deep skin region, rotation, distortion and collision movements are occurred. It was turned into bio-thermal energy and increase tissue temperature resulting in cell metabolism enhancement, blood and lymphatic fluids circulation promotion, cellulitte removal, fat cell dissolvement and skin regeneration enhancement effects,etc…

Body(Obesity) care
Abdomen, leg, thigh, back, fat & cellulite decomposition, Lymph circulation
Face care
Wrinkle, acne, pigmentation, sensitive skin, facial line slimming, lifting
Eye care
Eye wrinkle, dark circle, blood shot eye, eyestrain, eye bag
Muscle care
Relieves pains, muscle relaxation, frozen shoulder
Scalp care
Alopecia, Stimulates hair growth

RF(0.3Mhz~0.8Mhz) penetrates into hyper dermis and it's transformed into bio-thermal energy. It increases tissue temperature and affects to expand blood  vessel, stimulate lipolysis and fibroblast. And it effects on collagen production     and defective tissue repair.

Lipolysis, Lymph drainage & detox, Oedema removal

Muscle relaxation

Activates metabolism and carries sufficient nutrients and oxygen    into the skin cell and scalp. Strengthens root of hair. Prevents hair loss.
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