HIGH VITALIONT is an iontophoresis treatment system that uses a combination of essences and electrodes (or needles) to help clear up skin blotches and imperfections. The Treatment is designed for delivering L-Ascorbic solution to the pigmented area to be treated by applying very mild current to aid penetration. Vit. C penetration and absorption at cell level is well-known for inhibiting the pigment-producing substance in the skin and acts as an anti-oxidant against anti-aging. Hence the effectiveness of the Vitaliont in pigmentation treatment, resulting in clearer, cleaner and fairer skin. The Biogen Vital Vit. C Treatment. is a gentle and effective alternative to chemical peeling. The Vitaliont Procedure was developed by Dr. Suzuki Harue who is one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in laser treatment for Asia people pigmented and vascular lesion disorders like Nevus of Ota, Port Wine Stain, Cafe-au-lait and many kinds of pigmented lesions.            




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