Now, - a new generation of facial treatment systems using the unique XES ™ ( Xenon Energy System ) technology. XES light activates the fibroblasts that have the function to produce collagen at dermis, therefore the effects to increase collagen production and to rejuvenate the skin can be expected as a result. The wavelength of XES contains the wavelength that is efficiently absorbed by melanin and oxyhemoglobin (It is reported to improve pigmentation and telangiectasia.) therefore the effects to improve various skin problems as: Fine Wrinkles, blotches, freckles, dullness, redness, acne scars, enlarged pores, rejuvenation of the whole face, etc..

  1 Treat. 10. Treat.

XES Acne Clearance Treatment

S$280 S$2800

XES Pigmentation Treatment

S$280 S$2800

XES Whitening Treatment

S$320 S$3200

XES Lifting Treatment

S$280 S$2800

XES Open-pores Treatment

S$280 S$2800

Multiple XES Facial Treatment

S$380 S$3800

(Oily/Dehydrated/Open-pores/Wrinkles/Black Head ……..!)

Sign up 10 Treatment will entitle additional 2 free Treatment.
A course of 10 treatments is recommended; each treatment is recommended to be 2-3 weeks interval

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