. In-House Bachelor Brazilian Waxing $280 onward
. Bachelor Brazilian Waxing party at your place call for more info at 6337 6858

Your bro's wedding is near. You want to make his bachelor's night a memorable one. Hire a stripper? That's so unoriginal. How about something different?

Bachelor waxing is a brand new Brazilian waxing experience introduced by Thomas D'esthetique. While male Brazilian waxing has moved into mainstream and spun off waxing parties in America, Brazilian waxing for bachelors is still a first in Singapore. Thomas D'esthetique offers three "Bachelor" Brazilian Waxing services to suit your bro's comfort level.


Brazilian waxing can be done within earshot of friends or in the privacy of a room. But with his bros around, it takes his mind off the distress of waxing and adds helluva of a male bonding time on his bachelor's night.

Generally, women think that it is cleaner and sexier when her man is smooth. The clean feeling of a Brazilian wax is not what shaving can achieve. On his wedding day, he will feel incredibly smooth down there in the confines of his pants. And whenever he makes his wife happy, he will remember the bachelor gift from you.

Surprise your buddy now! For more information on Bachelor Waxing, contact Thomas D'esthetique at 63376858


A fun and relaxed way of having Brazilian waxing in the comfort of his home surrounded by friends. Simply gather all your bros at the bachelor pad before the wedding day. Prepare some foods. Throw in some booze, of course. Pump up some music. Then act blur. Leave the waxing arrangement to our grooming expert.


Coax him, blindfold him or whatever works. Together with a few friends, bring him to our salon. Ever wonder how Brazilian waxing is done? This is the time to be a voyeur and get away with it. If everyone is game enough, take this opportunity to join in the fun of waxing.

If you think he prefers to experience Brazilian waxing without his bros around, you can buy him a voucher online.
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