Good news: unsightly body hair can now be effectively and permanently removed,say the experts at Thomas D’esthetique.

Thomas D’esthetique has the expertise
Hair removal is a delicate job and should only be put in the hands of experts. Thomas D’esthetique is the pioneer for hair removal for men, being in the business for more than 18 years. Many satisfied customers have reported that they’ve been pleased with the results they’ve achieved in just a few sessions.
The NEW Generation of PAINLESS Permanent Hair Removal
FDA approved for hair removal and the treatment of acne, vascular and pigmented lesions

Isolaz™ Treatment Overview

Isolaz™ is powered by a breakthrough technology called Photopneumatics™ (Photo = light-based, Pneumatics = vacuum) which is the only therapy in the world that combines a vacuum with a painless.

Isolaz™ PPx Hair Removal Therapy

Isolaz™ therapy is the first clinically proven painless treatment for hair removal.  The Isolaz™ treatment is a quick, non-invasive, no-downtime in-office procedure that requires no pre-treatment anesthetics or gels. Here are some of the areas you can have treated for hair removal: Face, Legs, Underarms, Bikini line, Back, Chest etc….

Why Isolaz™ vs. Other Options

There are several key differences between Isolaz™ and other laser and light based hair removal treatments.

Benefits of Isolaz™ Photopneumatic™ PPx Treatments
In a published clinical study, an astounding 100% of patients noted Aesthera Photopneumatic™ treatments were painless. [Reference: Novel Photopneumatic Therapy Delivers High-Efficiency Photons to Dermal Targets, Vic Narurkar, MD. Vol 18, No. 2, February 2005, Cosmetic Dermatology].
What to expect?

PPx therapy is a revolutionary skin treatment that was designed with your complete safety and comfort in mind.

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